How To Attract Customers With The Right Content

At any point in time, there’s just about 3% of customers in the market that are ready to buy right now.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you how you can capture a wider range of customers for your business.

In a previous article, we explained what The Buyer’s Journey is, and the 3 stages involved:

  1. The Awareness Stage
  2. The Consideration Stage
  3. The Decision Stage

In this article, we’ll be explaining how you can attract customers at the different stages of The Buyer’s Journey.

Before we dig in, as a foundation, here’s something you need to understand:

In attracting customers online, the principle is this: First give before you receive.

In each stage of the buyer’s journey, the idea is to provide value upfront to your potential customers.

To explain this, we’ll use an example of how a website design company will attract customers.

1. Attracting customers at the Awareness Stage

The Awareness Stage is the point where a person is trying to define what exactly their problem is.

At this stage, a service provider should help the customer understand what that problem is.

For a web design company, this would mean creating content with topics such as:

  • 21 Mistakes Business Owners Make on their Website, or
  • 5 Reasons why you’re not Getting Customers from your Website

These are educative resources (such as blog posts or videos) that will help a potential customer understand what their problem is.

2. Attracting customers at the Consideration Stage

The Consideration Stage is the point where the customer is contemplating possible solutions.

At this stage, the service provider should provide the customer with possible solutions to their problem.

This proves that the service provider is a “trusted authority”, and is able to help them.

Continuing with the example above, the website design company should provide resources such as:

  • A FREE checklist on the different things your website must have to convert customers online

3. Attracting customers at the Decision Stage

The Decision Stage is where the person has fully defined their problem and is actively searching for a service provider.

At this stage, the service provider should provide content that compels the customer to choose them.

The website design company in our example should provide content such as:

  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Product comparison
  • Request for free consultation
  • Demo

The key to attracting customers is to provide the right content at the right time.

  • A person in the awareness stage isn’t necessarily interested in seeing testimonials and case studies;
  • A person in the decision stage is not interested in reading more articles.

You need to meet people at the different stages of the buyer’s journey, based on the problem they are trying to solve at that stage.

The kind of content you provide may be videos, blog posts, or downloadable resources. Just make sure you are providing “value”.

This approach solidifies the customer’s perception that you are a trusted authority and that you are capable of solving their problem.


Your Action Point

Think about who your customers are, and the kind of content or resources that they will need at the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stages of the buyer’s journey.

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