Tips on Building the Perfect Instagram Page for Your Brand

Have you ever stumbled on an Instagram account and was ‘wow-ed’ by the look? Do you know how many other people might have also visited that same page, said the same thing, and hit the follow button without being persuaded by anyone, simply because the Instagram page just looked visually appealing!

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world today. There are endless benefits that come with Instagram for individuals and businesses. And one way to be successful on this platform is to have a visually appealing and pleasing page.

In this article, we’ll be sharing Tips on Building the Perfect Instagram Page for Your Brand.

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1. Choose a color scheme

A way to make your Instagram feed look very appealing is to pick a color scheme for your posts. Colors have the ability to capture the attention of your audience to assimilate your content. You have to ensure the color scheme you’re using suits your type of content. Picking a color scheme is the easiest way to make your Instagram page look attractive.

Also, colors have a way of influencing people’s buying decisions. According to NewsCred Insights, 92.6% of people affirm that visual dimension (color, space, design) is the number one influencing factor affecting their purchase decision (over taste, smell, or other senses).

2. Edit your images similarly

The second way you can make your Instagram more appealing to the eyes is to edit your images similarly.

You have to give your Instagram feed a type of feel when it is first glanced at. Use a consistent filter for all your images. Using a filter adds a similar style and look to all your posts. Yes, it’s that simple.

3. Choose a posting pattern

Choose a posting pattern and stick with it. It simply makes your Instagram feed look orderly and neat. To make your page look good, it is important you plan your feed layout.

Don’t just randomly choose images or videos and upload, decide how you want your grid to look. Pick a pattern you will be consistent with and you are on your way to creating a visually appealing Instagram feed.

4. Have a theme

Just before you start uploading images and videos on your Instagram feed, think of a theme for the page. A theme will guide you in the type of content you put out. A theme is basically how you want your audience to perceive you, and the type of feelings you want to create. It also helps you stand out from the rest.

5. Fix your bio!

Don’t ignore your bio! Your bio is a summary of what your page is about and it’s a great way to attract people to go through your page (convert visitors to followers). Items to include in your bio: Your name, your skill/service, website link, keywords, and contact.

You can also make use of a unique hashtag, Call-To-Action (CTA), font (there are free apps to change the font on Instagram),  emojis (be careful with this, you don’t want to ‘irritate’ your audience with a lot of emojis on your page), etc.


Instagram is a great platform for individuals and businesses, make good use of this platform. With these points mentioned above, if put into practice, you will be able to make your page more visually appealing to your audience.

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