Why Influencer Marketing Will Help Your Business

Gone are the days when influencer marketing was only done by celebrities, now things have changed. Influencers are specialists who have a huge following of people who are interested in a subject matter. They don’t necessarily have to be celebrities, but people who have the ability to influence a target audience to buy a product or use a service.

Why should your business use these influencers? In this article, we’ll be sharing Why Influencer Marketing Will Help Your Business.

Let’s jump right in!

1. The new generation love influencers

Your future customers who are generation Z love influencers. They are also called centennials & iGen (born between 1995 – 2010). This generation has been practically raised on the internet, so the best place to reach them is through social media. According to realbusiness, about 71% of Gen Z’s digital users have a close relationship with at least one influencer.

Also, a report by Think With Google, states that 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities. So, if you were doubting the great impact of influencer marketing, this is the best time to have a change of thought.

2. They create appealing content

These influencers know their audience well, they know the type of content that will drive engagement and those that won’t. So, rather than you experimenting on what will work and what will not, using influencer marketing will help you save time and even money.

3. They generate quality leads for your business

You can resonate with your target audience through influencer marketing. Since influencers have a niche audience, they are able to drive conversions and generate quality leads for your business.

This simply means more conversions equal to higher revenue. Amazing!

4. Increase brand awareness

Every brand wants to be popular and trend for the right reasons online. Influencer marketing is a great way to increase and build your brand awareness, how? They have authority in that field and so whatever service or product they endorse automatically is put in the limelight.

Basically, they are like the PR person who helps link your brand with your target audience, and that is good for business.

5. Improve your SEO

Influencer marketing doesn’t end at social media, you can also get these influencers to mention your brand on their blog, this will generate high-quality backlinks to your website which will improve your SEO.


In this age, influencer marketing has a huge impact on businesses. Unlike traditional media where messages are broadly shared, influencer marketing enables you to reach your intended audience and this helps you save money and time.

I hope you found this useful.

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