5 Common Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid On Social Media

With a huge number of people joining social media platforms and using them on a regular basis, the social media industry in the coming years will be bigger than what it is today. Social media platforms help brands connect with their customers, increase brand awareness, and boost their leads and sales. It is imperative for your business to take advantage of the benefits social media provides in order to survive in this digital era.

When your brand uses social media the right way, you are able to increase your customer base and ultimately increase sales, if done the other way round it can jeopardize your online image which is bad for business.

In this article, we will be sharing with you 5 Common Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid On Social Media.

Let’s get into this!

1. Inconsistent branding

When branding is inconsistent across all your social media platforms it makes your target audience perceive your brand as untrustworthy.

According to socialmediatoday,

Inconsistent branding makes it harder for people to verify the authenticity of your communications

So, you have to be intentional about the image your organization portrays online. Being consistent in your brand’s image reinforces the feeling of trust between the brand and its audience on social media. You can start by having guidelines that would be used for all your communications on social media. These should include the color scheme, font style, language, etc.

2. Deleting negative comments

Yes, some brands are quick to delete bad comments on their page, which is unethical. Regardless of the quality of your product or service, negative comments or feedbacks will definitely appear on your page (there is really nothing you can do about that).

A way to demonstrate a high degree of brand integrity is to answer online complaints timely and properly. Your brand should see complaints as an opportunity to improve and be better. Customers can interpret the removal of negative comments as an attempt to dodge serious shortcomings in the brand’s customer experience.

3. No call-to-action

Online customers need to know what action they need to take in order for them to purchase your product or request for your service. Ensure your social media profile pages and the image or video you upload have a link to your website or where they can learn and make a purchase.

4. Not tracking marketing campaigns

Social media is a great tool for promoting your brand and tracking your progress in real-time. Everything you do on social media should be carefully measured using the analytics features.  This allows you to make strategic changes in your campaign and know who your target audiences are, what they want, what they do, and when they are most active. You can then stop non-performing adverts and save your budget until the ad has been re-optimized.

5. Too much salesy posts

Social media is best for interactions not just posting adverts to purchase your product or use your service, it limits the idea of two-way-communication on social media. You could share posts from industry experts, and respond to comments on your post. Even the people who do not comment will see that you engage and care about your customers. Your responses will help build customer loyalty. Some brands make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to respond to comments or share any content other than their own.


Remember that if you are going to use social media to promote your brand then it is imperative you do it right. So ensure in your next post you do not make these mistakes.

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